The time you realise that you need counselling to shape your life for the better can be one of the most nerve juggling moments.  This is because you are looking for someone who will not be judgemental and who will understand how you are feeling. I got all these with Edel.  The very second I walked in the room I knew I had come to the right person. I felt calmness and it was a place I could really reflect on  my life. I felt that the whole session was about me.  Edel let me make sense of all my life experiences; she made it all about me and for the first time in my life I was able to focus on myself.  My life has changed dramatically, I have been able to do things I was afraid of doing.  I feel happier and I have realised that my life is full of bliss thanks to Edel. (Man, 20s)

I booked to see Edel when I reached a point in my life when I needed to make a change.  I realised I had gone through my life both personally and professionally self doubting and having no compassion for who I really was.  It was only when my marriage fell apart that I hit rock bottom and knew I had to do something about it in order to move forward with loving myself again and realising my inner strengths.  Through my time with Edel I have changed incredibly.  Edel has allowed me to see compassion and love in myself again and at the same time, help facilitate self respect.  I cannot thank her enough for what she has given me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you Edel.  (Woman, 30s)

I appreciated Edel's approach because she made me think about how I really felt and helped me question myself in a supportive but not overly sympathetic way. I wish I could find a better way to describe this but she didn't pander in any way and that really suited me.  She has an amazing memory for names and details which made each session really useful because we didn't have to go over ground again. This is my first experience of counselling and I would recommend it to anyone who is going through a traumatic episode (mine on the minor scale of trauma) but it definitely helped me take a step back from what was going on at work and to be rational about events. I use her words now to  move me on when I get stuck and feeling sad about what happened. (Woman, 50s)

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me over the last few months. I remember you asking me what I wanted to get out of our sessions and replying that I just wanted to accept where I was at in my life and I can honestly say I have done just that and I am actually quite pleased with it!! I am doing a course of Pilates and hope to get back to the gym.  I truly feel that the world is my oyster!! (Woman, 30s)

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